VR (Virtual Reality) Kimberley Mine “Big Hole” Experience

Elevation Design collaborated with their VR partner company to create a custom VR experience for a Diamond Manufacturing company based in Cape Town.

This project took 3 months to complete and involved: 3D Modelling, Research, Storyboarding, Design, VR Development, Software customisation, Purchasing of hardware and various testing protocols.

The Experience:

An Interactive Virtual Reality Tour taking you back into the Kimberly Mine. As you start the journey, you find yourself in the 1800’s standing in the Kimberley Mine. The narrator guides you with a brief history, followed by an immersive experience leading you to various objects which you can interact with by picking them up. The final part of the journey you get to shake a through a huge pile of stones in a sieve where you get to experience what it would have been like to discover a huge Diamond for yourself!

Discover this experience at the Diamond Works in Cape Town.




January 2, 2024