Adept Decisions

Elevation Design has been working with Adept Decisions since 2017. Our focus for this client has been on building, upgrading and maintaining a consistent brand identity throughout their entire business suite; creating collateral that they can use to market themselves effectively and to bring them more in alignment with the latest digital trends.

First Website Build

In 2017, we built the first website for Adept Decisions – showcasing who they are and all the services that they offer. The brief was to create something very simple; aimed at a corporate customer. We continued to maintain this website from 2017 to 2021.

New Illustrations

In 2021 they were ready for a big upgrade! We were asked to create new visual representations for all their data. These infographics were going to be used on the new website and for further use on Powerpoint presentations and social media. These were some of the infographics that we created. There were 12 in total.

Website Design & Development

In 2021, we created a new website for Adept Decisions with the following key requirements:

1. Strong first impression
2. Modern and visually appealing
3. Visual graphics rather than text
4. Increased customer engagement

Powerpoint Presentations

Utilising the same style created for the website, we were asked to restyle and create all their Powerpoint Presentation documents; consisting of about 80 pages of design layouts. These are a few pages to showcase what we created:

Website Upgrade 2022

Adept Decisions required a big upgrade to their website in 2022. Their services and market were refined and the website needed to reflect a professional fintech website design. Many new unique icons were also created.

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