How To Advertising Your Business
Consultation Expert

If you are starting a new business, getting the right BRAND IMAGE is very important!
Where do you start?
How do you start?
Who do you speak to?
You probably don’t have a huge budget when you are starting out, but the last thing you want to do is to waste valuable money.

The not so nice stuff:

From running my own advertising company for the last 10 years, I have seen this time and time again – where clients have come to us after having some pretty nasty experiences. As a newbie to starting a business, it is very easy to get manipulated, side-tracked or confused by the various ways that you can advertise or market your business.

I remember visiting a client once who spent R65 000 (about $5300) with an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) company with very poor results. Firstly, I couldn’t understand how they had spent this much money on onsite SEO, but even worse – when I checked their site out, the SEO was non-existent (There were not even decent Title Tags). I was shocked! This was when I realised the value I provide to my clients and where my diverse background of print, web, digital, strategy and SEO come into play.

Why I can help you!

I have been in the advertising industry for many years and the one thing that I have been told time and time again is how easy I make it for you as a new business start-up. I have worked with hundreds of clients from different industries, therefore I have diverse experience.

I can bring you:

  • Practical and intuitive guidance
  • Access to potentials in your business that you perhaps would never have thought of
  • Trust, efficiency and prompt delivery
  • Over 17 years of experience in branding, design, website development, and marketing

I have a very strong Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) background and therefore whist assisting you with your planning of your website, I always keep SEO strongly in mind (a lot of companies don’t) Added to that – I was very fortunate to have worked for one of the top SEO guru’s in South Africa – so I really did learn from the best!

How I can help you?

  • By listening carefully to your business objective and helping you refine it if required.
  • Offering you various ways that you can advertise and deciphering what advertising methods / branding elements (Brochure, Website, Newsletter, Adwords etc…) you will require as a start-up (pertaining to YOUR SPECIFIC BUSINESS) as well as how to prioritise them.
  • Match your target audience with the right advertising method/s
  • Work within your budget
  • Create feel / mood boards for your advertising campaigns and your brand
  • For your website, I can help you create the most optimal site structure (very important!) and I can also assist you with creating wireframes. This info is vital to give to your web designer / developer
  • Guide you to writing your own unique content for your website that will be optimised for the right keywords

How does this work?

Consultations can be had over Skype OR in person.
I am based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Please note that I don’t necessarily have to assist you with all of the elements mentioned above – you can pick and choose what you specifically require.

Some elements will be covered in the initial consultation. Other elements like mood board creation / website site structure and wireframe designs will be extra work that I would quote for separately (based on what info we gather from the initial consultation)


Consultation can be had via Skype, Google Duo, Whatsapp Call OR in Person (Cape Town)